Saturday, October 10, 2009

Snowy Orchard Trip

Snow or sunshiny warmth? You can't be too picky in MN it seems. When you plan a trip to the orchard and it snows, you still go. At least that's what we did today, donned in our hats, winter coats, and gloves (minus Kent who was sick and Tana and Kalai on a tournament). It turned out to be one of those times when you wonder why you bothered going because of all the trouble and crying. You know, the baby waking up in a jostling wagon, Levi slipping and falling in the mud, the dog ignoring our tearful 2 year old, Levi crying because he thought the corn cobs were for eating but they were actually to be used to feed the chickens, the apple bonking Levi on the head, my trying to hold a squirming Kade who wanted desperately to be put on the ground in the tall, wet, muddy grass with the apples, all the mittens we kept dropping, and the best...Kade doing a flip out of the wagon (see video below). It actually struck me as quite amusing and I decided that maybe, just maybe, orchard outings weren't made for age 2 and under.

These pumpkins would have provided the best background for pictures, but the two youngest didn't realize that this was supposed to be a fun outing. Loved the straw lined wagons.

I need just two of these trees in my yard! They were LOADED!
Perfect apples.

Malia and DJ carefully chose each and every apple.Levi, on the other hand, thought the bruised apples on the ground were just fine...that is, until he was bopped on the head by one falling apple.

This is our one last attempt at appearing happy.

I snapped this picture and headed to the van with the two crying boys while Malia and DJ fed the chickens and turkeys.

Cuddle time in the van and we're happier now! (DJ's picture of Kade and me)


Corene said...

so sorry that happened....I guess that's sometimes how outings go. You can't predict the outcome!

Keren said...

poor kade! :)

Kami said...

I nominated you - check it out:

LoveFeast Table said...

We've had trying family outings...but in time, I've found they still become treasured family memories....a couple years ago our family of six went hiking in the jungle in Puerto Rico hungry during lunch time. What were we thinking? But, now years later, you can't tell anyone was miserable at all! And, I still treasure the time we shared together grumpy and all! Good times! -Chris Ann

Christy said...

You are so right, Chris Ann. I'm still chuckling about the other day at the orchard. And later, my two year old was very excited to tell daddy that he'd picked apples!

Abbi said...

We had fun watching your video. The poor boys certianly didn't look very happy but the tumbling out looked rather comical. We had to watch it several times as a new child would come up and want to see it.

Bethany said...

Oh...crying in stereo! I so remember those days! But sometimes i had FOUR crying at once! Eeeee! Poor Kade...sorry but I had to laugh when he fell out of the wagon! i guess he was OK as you all were just over here last night ;o) susy