Monday, March 10, 2008

In the soup pot

Okay...we were walking through the Mall of America and I saw this idea for a photo shoot. Only difference was the model baby had a chef's hat on. I don't own one and thought the pot idea was still a clever one. So if I must make this Levi is the chef, not a cute ingredient. Someone thought it sounded weird that I was taking pictures of my baby in a soup pot...until they heard the whole story. It was quite fun.This one "happened" when my backdrop man's arms got conveniently tired at just the moment I snapped the picture. DJ found it to be quite hilarious and, surprisingly enough, so did Levi. Those two!


This race car cake for DJ's 6th birthday was a joint project...or should I say, a project for three. Kent made my rectangle and square chocolate cakes actually look like the shape of a race car. I concocted the bright yellow frosting (Can I say it looks absolutely inedible to me? DJ kept saying it was the best part!). DJ supervised the little extra touches - like his picture on the driver's side and Levi's picture on the passenger side, the number "6" above his side and the number "0" above Levi's side. His explanation: Levi is zero. I guess 10 months doesn't count toward much. (Don't look to closely. We weren't going for perfection - just perfect enough for a six year old; the goal was to have it decorated completely before Levi woke up from his morning nap!) We had Grandpa Stacy and Grandma Carol over for a celebration of this special little (or not-so-little anymore) boy! What a joy he is and every day I'm so thankful to be his mommy!

Rugged camping

DJ and Daddy did some great camping this past weekend in celebration of DJ's 6th birthday. Their spot was well-chosen with few bumps on the ground. They camped beside a beautiful stream full of fish and had lovely pine trees full of birds (even snakes) surrounding their campsite. Their adventurous evening (watching a movie about cars) ended with S'mores. The marshmallows roasted nicely for about 30 seconds before removing from the microwave. I had a lovely evening talking on the phone to my Grandma and doing my Walmart run while my boys braved a winter camp-out.

Yummy Wheels

I think the whole bike thing must run in the genes. Levi was quite taken with this wheel. Even managed to smear a little grease on his cheek and look like a "real" bike guy. :) His daddy's going to laugh when he sees these pictures!

Over the shoulder

Malia's doing her some of her history reading here and DJ loves to look at the pictures and ask questions. The interruptions aren't always exactly what Malia has in mind when she lets him sneak a peek, but she's pretty patient. I'm getting excited about doing my history curriculum with him next year. It's called "Story of the World" by Susan Baur and follows a chronological timeline. Her activity book is full of fun ideas to make the history lesson come alive...anything from archaeological "digs" and ethnic recipes to craft directions to make armor!

Purple Belts

Kalai and Malia tested last weekend and did a superb job. Now they're purple belts! They used to "attack/tickle" me at bedtime and I could usually hold my own - especially if it was only one of them. Now I don't have much of a chance. They've really become strong, and Kalai is nearly as tall as me. I defend myself with the fact that my biggest exertion is running up and down stairs all day. Kent thinks I should try Tae Kwon Do myself since it'd be free. Haven't talked myself into it yet. I much prefer something less dramatic!