Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bread making

Homemade bread reminds me of being a kid. When I was about seven years old, I vividly remember my parents buying a Bosch mixer (basically a super duper mixer) and that was when homemade bread became a daily thing. We ate so much of it, my mom needed me to lighten the load...so she taught me not long after. It has only been the past couple years I've started making it again, and I haven't found a 100% whole wheat recipe that really works for me. If anyone knows of one that'd be great. I use about two parts wheat to one part white. It's actually pretty easy once you do it a few times. I just have to stay close to home for a few hours. Levi was utterly fascinated by the whole process. I managed to dump in a few cups of flour while I was holding him, but for the most part he was by my feet.

I almost always give a hunk of dough to DJ to do with as he likes. Several times he has recreated the "five loaves and two fish" (We use a raisin or peanut for the fish eyes). Today he made a "waffle" with a little help from a meat tenderizer tool! Then he spread honey and cinnamon over the top, garnished it with a few craisins and this was his pride and joy...as you can tell. What a goofy boy!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fire-fighting airplane

Kent and DJ created yet another masterpiece a couple weekends ago. You can only imagine our LEGO supply. Needless to say, they mostly stay in the basement away from Levi's little hands. He's picking up everything and chewing on it! I've confiscated fuzz, wood, plastic, and a plastic hedgehog head in his mouth. I'm going to have to start vaccuuming every day!


Blue and white. It's a duo that I can't resist! I've been buying a piece here and there...usually at a garage sale or thrift store. This teacup, however, was given to me by my great aunt from her collection of teacups bought as a military wife. I also got one in the same color theme on each of our anniversary trips. Now I just need to plan a tea party! My aunt had a proper tea party a couple years ago for all the girl cousins/sisters, using our teacups from our great aunt (we each got a couple). We enjoyed cucumber and chicken salad sandwiches, chocolates, scones, and, of course, tea!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Winter Pleasures

I love the seasons in Minnesota. Yep, I'll even take the near zero temps. in exchange for snowy scenes, sledding, and all the winter fun. I've posted a few pictures that remind me what I've enjoyed this winter.

This is one of my most TREASURED gifts. Kalai and Malia handcrafted this little ornament for me out of "stuff" in our backyard. It's a little manger with baby Jesus. I love it! Kent and I love walking at night, but we also like to stay warm sometimes. We took each other on in one of our favorite games - Bonanza (or Beans) one night this winter. Tana happened by and thought it was picture-worthy. :)We visited Kent's mom and Bud in Illinois in December. They had a fresh snowfall...one that took their fall decor by surprise, I think. I loved the color contrast!
This view met me one morning a couple weeks ago as I carried a hungry Levi (and a sleepy me) into our kitchen. "His mercies are new every morning"
This flag hangs in Kent's mom's and Bud's front yard. I'd love to get one for our home someday.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Paper punching

One day on Christmas break, Kalai got out a book hidden away on one of the bookshelves. It gives ideas and includes four paper punches to make these and many other cute little creatures! I thought they were adorable and had to take a picture.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The talented males in my family

Kent and DJ like to play with Legos together. Here is one of Kent's most recent creations - a submarine. Isn't it impressive? I wouldn't even have the first clue on where to begin! Hot oatmeal was ready! It's my quick breakfast option. And I ran into trouble. The lid sealed on so tightly that my dad and Kent had to resort to some drastic measures. I had no suggestions other than to enjoy the photo opportunity!

Here the girls watch and wait...for their breakfast!
Another talented male...DJ put together his very own drum/bell set and entertained me while I worked in the kitchen. Isn't it creative!

Video of Alyssa and Tana's Tae Kwon Do Testing

The girls all work really hard at Tae Kwon Do. Every few months they are evaluated in a testing session. Here are a couple videos of Alyssa and Tana. They're fairly long so it might take a long time to download. Hope you enjoy.


Holiday times

My honey and Me at the Macy's 8th floor animated display this Christmas. My parents came for a two week visit over the holidays. We enjoyed lots of eating, games, company, and just being together.
A beautiful view from our dining room window one morning. I love the fresh snow and the homemade snowflake.
After my cousin Katie's wedding, six of the nine cousin/sisters were together for lunch in Missouri.
Levi learned to crawl just in time for Christmas. He loved to make his way over to the tree and gaze longingly at the ornaments. He actually did succeed in grabbing this little bike. By the way, he now has two teeth and is pulling himself up on everything in sight. What a huge change from a month ago! And one of his favorite foods is avacado. Yum!