Saturday, May 30, 2009


It doesn't take long before they figure out that licking the beaters is the perfect way they can "help mommy." I keep thinking how nice it would be to feel this flexible!

This was Kade's last day in his bouncy seat. He was getting a little too good at sitting forward and "helping."

Love this picture

I see this picture at least a million times a day, or so it seems, as I come down our stairs. I love it! Just wanted to share this with some of you who have never been to our house.

Homemade Pizza

I used to ask myself why I even bothered making homemade pizza after the whole ordeal. It's a lot of time in the kitchen for one day, but I've come up with a more workable plan...for me, anyway. I use a basic pizza dough recipe and triple it so I can make four pizza doughs a day ahead of time(three to eat and one to freeze for a quick future lunch). Then I partially bake them and have them ready to top with toppings (which I can chop and slice earlier in the day). We like to use lots of veges and herbs and sometimes I grill some chicken to put on top. I feel like I can make this work around babies and still have healthy food to eat!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

New stuff

I've never been very good at handling lots of new things. Sometimes the very things I wish for I might resist just because they're new! But when it comes to spring, that I CAN handle. I love spring and have always especially loved May. It's my birthday month which I loved sharing with my mom and the extra bonuses were lilacs, strawberries, blooming trees, goslings, tulips (depending on where you live... up here in MN it's MAY because we're behind everyone else).

if any guys read this blog...I'm pretending you don't. This is a mommy topic that follows so beware. :)

So, my little Kade is too little. That's my new news today. He's developing and growing but he's not getting enough milk from nursing. I've tried lots of things, mostly just feeding him often, and supplementing with herbs that are supposed to help. But he's merely maintaining and not gaining enough to keep up with his growth. So, we're back to formula. And he doesn't like it...not one little bit. It's as if I'm playing a mean prank on him. I think he really thinks I'm out to get him because he gives me the worst looks. I've tried giving it to him in a bottle and in an SNS tube thingy (which I used with Levi...Levi actually liked it because it was all he ever knew). The nurse said it'll take some time for him to get used to it, but that perhaps daddy should do the feeding. I think it's rather funny that the yucky taste is now supposed to be associated with daddy. :)

Oh well. I can be such an idealist. I wanted to have the perfect nursing experience with Kade but it's not happening even though I'm following all the "rules." I'm inspired to go out and buy huge quantities of greens and juice them up tomorrow and see if that helps. Isn't that what cows eat...insane quantities of greenery? :) I just might try it. It's funny how eating/food can become the prevailing train of thought ALL DAY LONG when a baby isn't getting what he needs.

To be thankful for tonight:

My beautiful new hydrangea plant from my mother-in-law

My new clothes from my thrift store treasure hunting

DJ is really catching onto reading

Some good friends are moving two houses down

I met a homeschool mom at the park today and we exchanged addresses

I'm learning to give up what control I think I have over others and life circumstances

My God is good and is with me and loves me!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

New Belts

DJ, Malia, Kalai, and Tana all tested for their next belts in Tae Kwon Do on Saturday. They've all worked hard! Tana has reached a rather momentous goal....her black belt. We're very proud of her hard work and determination! She has put in lots of hours and paid much of her way with time and money. Even though I'm not the least bit skilled or trained in this area, I've come to appreciate the technique and difficulty in achieving these levels from watching the girls work.

Levi says, "I'm 2!"

My little guy Levi. How can he go from this sleepy little bundle to a running, talking, laughing, trying-to figure-out-how-to-use the screwdriver toddler in 2 short years? I can still remember standing in my bathroom looking at myself holding my tiny newborn and hardly believing he was ours (a gift from God...but truly belonging to God). May he always belong to God...when he is able to choose, may he desire to give his heart and life to Christ.
Daddy reads Levi one of his new books from Grandpa Stacy and Grandma Carol. It takes a whole family to supervise this production!

He was surprisingly careful!

Blowing out the candles was his favorite part, I think!

"Candles," "cake," and "yum" are all part of Levi's vocabulary. But he didn't quite get the whole idea of birthday. His usual wiggly, noisy self became rather calm and puzzled as we sang "Happy Birthday." I videoed it and it's pretty funny. He enjoyed removing all the carefully placed playmobile pieces (DJ's choice) and then attempting to remove the ponds (blue jello). What fun!

To mom

This is my mom...

-she was born in San Francisco
-she has her masters in education
-she stayed home and homeschooled my sister and me until highschool
-she let me use her sewing machine even when I made a HUGE mess of the area
-she read to Esther and me at night before bed and that was the one time we knew we could twist her read just one more chapter
-she was smart enough to know who I liked without my telling her
- she quizzed us on the capital cities
-she knew that coming to my room at night and sitting on my bed was the best way to get me to spill all!
-she knows how to still be my mom but at the same time, give me room to live my own life
-she has done an amazing job of becoming an instant grandma
-she has a genuine relationship with God -no facades!
-she has an uncanny memory of dates....all dates and how they connect to all other dates (birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, when he met her, when they saw them, when that was built, etc!!) Just a little of that has rubbed off on me
-she has taught me to respect others, work hard, find joy in nature, relish travel, take a different way home, enjoy the scenery, serve others, stand by my convictions, appreciate healthy food, savor dessert, sniff out a bargain, and love being a mom!

Happy Mother's Day, mom! Love you. Christy