Saturday, May 30, 2009

Homemade Pizza

I used to ask myself why I even bothered making homemade pizza after the whole ordeal. It's a lot of time in the kitchen for one day, but I've come up with a more workable plan...for me, anyway. I use a basic pizza dough recipe and triple it so I can make four pizza doughs a day ahead of time(three to eat and one to freeze for a quick future lunch). Then I partially bake them and have them ready to top with toppings (which I can chop and slice earlier in the day). We like to use lots of veges and herbs and sometimes I grill some chicken to put on top. I feel like I can make this work around babies and still have healthy food to eat!


Esther said...

That looks really good. I want some!

NoOrdinaryThaw said...

Holy smokes, Christy. You know, with the girls gone and all... if you need to unload one of those, you KNOW where we are. ;-) Wow.

Peoples's (pronouced "people's-es")... If these pizzas are as good as Christy's ice cream cakes... oooh boy. She could open a restaurant.