Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Daily Life

We're just getting the essentials done around here lately. Blogging has taken a backseat, but for some reason, I miss journaling, at the very least. I want to savor these years with my children and husband in the midst of the every day humdrum. Fleeting beautiful moments today include:

-holding a sleeping Kade just a few moments longer and marveling at how little he is (compared to how he will be someday)

-laughing tonight with the girls while eating ice cream

- totally amazed at the appetite of DJ today...3 eggs, 2 pancakes, 2 bananas, and a bowl of yogurt (at breakfast), only to be hungry for a snack an hour and a half later

-watching Levi's HUGE smile while playing in our cardboard box "house"

-seeing Kade change his "hitting" to gentle pats and strokes on Levi's head when I told him "gentle"

-hearing DJ's prayer at breakfast about God's faithfulness

-seeing the girls' eagerness to help put the boys to bed so Kent and I could have a last-minute date tonight

My last blog post I've made some progress:

I've purposefully been reading to Kade, and he loves it (for short bursts)

My friend from Haiti has heard from her family and they are alive (although living on the streets)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thinking about...

finishing my thank-you notes

helping the boys clean the basement

having company over tomorrow after church meeting

off-loading pictures off my camera

drinking more lemon-honey stirred into hot water

working on memorizing Col 3:1-17 along with the girls

Haiti and the devastation and praying for a Christian sister whose mother and family lives there

writing a note to myself to read books to Kade every day

a lovely/much-needed evening I had at Olive Garden with Kent last week (and wishing I could do it again and again, but then it wouldn't be a treat...or cheap!)

how much I enjoy reading my friend's blogs

Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's a new year and...

-I'm just not into blogging right now, but hope to find inspiration soon!
-I'm thankful for the loads of company and holiday get-togethers we had
-I'm enjoying a clean storage room, new shelves in our game closet, a new freezer (this wasn't in the plans!), a working kitchen faucet...thanks to a very busy husband and my dad
-I'm trying to help my two sick boys feel better and hoping for better days (and nights) soon
- Lovin' my new heated mattress cover for our bed on these cold winter nights. Ahhh! (Thanks, honey)
-I was inspired by our recent reading of Psalm 119 (not read in one sitting!) and how much we need to make God's Word a priority in our hearts and lives!
-I enjoyed a beautiful snowfall this morning
-I've rediscovered an old love...Bengal Spice Herbal Tea made by Celestial Seasonings Yum!
-I'm appreciating having my parents here. They've helped out so much and spent lots of time with our children
-I'm glancing at my corner of scrap booking stuff and wondering when I'm going to get a streak going again!
-Feeling challenged to check my heart when the words I say aren't uplifting or kind or necessary rather than just biting my tongue and thinking that's good enough!
-My husband says maybe, just maybe, I'm obsessed with the game Blokus! :) Will someone come play with me?