Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bemidji Retreat

The weekend was warmer than usual, and we enjoyed a great time in Bemidji at their annual retreat. There were games, food, singing, fellowship, and preaching. We managed to get little sleep and had a wonderful time with Ken and Abbi and other old friends.
I caught this photo of Malia and friends during lunch at the retreat. It truly was beautiful outside!
Good times with friends!!

I love this picture! The boys enjoyed their doughnuts over a game of Candyland. How appropriate!

Malia whooping them in Dutch Blitz. (Actually, I have no idea who won, but I know my girls can be fast...it's dangerous!)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

DJ is 7!

DJ celebrated yesterday with four friends from the church. We've always had a family birthday party until this year, but Grandma Carol still made it. Construction was the theme. We started with lego building, then took a trip to Home Depot for their kids' Saturday projects. Lunch consisted of lots of chunks of food that could be used to build (toothpicks included). Kent took them all on a hike outdoors to search for a geo-cache (each of them "found" a screwdriver and candy bar to take home). What fun! Seven and eight year olds can be sooo creative and have great attention spans (sometimes! anyway).