Sunday, March 8, 2009

DJ is 7!

DJ celebrated yesterday with four friends from the church. We've always had a family birthday party until this year, but Grandma Carol still made it. Construction was the theme. We started with lego building, then took a trip to Home Depot for their kids' Saturday projects. Lunch consisted of lots of chunks of food that could be used to build (toothpicks included). Kent took them all on a hike outdoors to search for a geo-cache (each of them "found" a screwdriver and candy bar to take home). What fun! Seven and eight year olds can be sooo creative and have great attention spans (sometimes! anyway).


Trent said...

Happy Birthday to DJ! I know Becca, Cody, Emily, & Phil used to love "Christy parties" so I'm sure this was a great success! (Steph again, not Trent)

Mike and Andrea said...

What a fun day!