Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blog Break

Just wanted you to know that we're taking a bit of a blog focus on getting better around here....myself included. Thankfully, my mom is here for a visit so she's a great, great help!! It makes me thankful for all the good health we normally have. Having a little trouble being patient with it all though!

Friday, October 16, 2009

My 1st Birthday

This is me (Kade) on the morning of my first birthday. I'm already busy pulling stuff out of the cupboards and smiling my new and improved grin so that mom will be distracted...

and my big brother Levi can get a head start on my cake.

DJ took over soon though.

Mom dressed me in one of her favorite shirts and I got started opening my very first birthday card from Grandpa Bud and Grandma Vineta.

It took me awhile but the tearing part was really fun.

Unlike all my board books, this was bendable and fun to play with.

Opening it was quite a struggle.

And turning it back again to the front was a feat!

I love my new card. Thanks, Grandpa and Grandma!

Unfortunately, all this talk about my birthday really upset my brother Levi. He couldn't understand where his birthday was and why it could only be mine. There were some tears even though mom assured him he'd get a piece of cake too.

Finally, mom found his card from Grandpa Stacy and Grandma Carol with the many pictures from his 2nd birthday. All was happy again!

Later, mom and DJ made green frosting while Levi and I napped...

so that they could frost these cupcakes...

and create my very own caterpillar cake. Mom really liked this cake idea she found on the internet (she'd never be able to come up with it on her own!) because 1. It was simple but totally cute and 2. It was something my brothers could help with. Those are her two criteria for cakes around here.

DJ was quality control and Levi...mass production.

Finally, Levi got the hang of placing the legs "just so."

After dinner was all over, they put me back in the highchair and this really bothered me. I hadn't a clue what was to happen next.

This was my finished caterpillar cake.

And this is what I looked like when mom took my picture in the dark.
I certainly took this a bit too seriously as I didn't quite understand what all the attention was about, or what I was supposed to do with this green creation in front of me. I took my time.

Even though it looks like I ate a lot, I actually spit most of it back out. I think mom was silently relieved that I didn't devour the entire sugary creation.

It sure felt good to be done with that!
I was so tired from all the activity today. I just settled down right there on the floor and Grandpa knew exactly what to do.

That back rub felt great and now I'm ready to go!

One last picture with my birthday guests before I head to bed.

Turning 1 was fun!

We're Sick

This week we needed this big pot of chicken noodle soup. We like sharing, it seems. Everyone (except Malia and Kade) has been sharing colds and fevers. I've managed to feel pretty well because,'s aren't allowed to get sick!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One Year Ago Today

We weren't expecting you, Kade. No, not for another 4 1/2 weeks. Everything had been looking great at the last appointment with the midwife, and I was just starting to get the baby things out. In fact, the day before your unexpected arrival, I retrieved the bassinet from the attic, feeling glad I still had a little time to prepare for a new little person.

But the day before your birth, I did wonder why I wasn't feeling as much movement as usual. I knew that I could be a little on the "worried" side, so I tried to dismiss it. At 3 a.m. I was awakened by your big brother DJ. I am forever thankful! For that waking permitted me time to realize that something just might be wrong. Daddy and I hopped in the car with only our cell phones, thinking we'd be back after our fears were allayed.

I wasn't even awake for your birth. It was that urgent. The midwife, the surgeon, everyone said you had to come and it had to be immediately. Nine minutes after entering the surgery room, you made your appearance. But something wasn't right. You were white as a sheet, they tell me. Daddy was quite concerned, and they whisked you away.

I remember waking up and knowing there was a baby. I just wanted someone to tell me if it was a boy or a girl. I don't think I realized how serious things were until later. You wouldn't have made it, I was told over and over, if we hadn't come in when we did. Your hemo-globin was so low (3) and it would have kept dropping lower and lower. But I'm forever thankful for God's blessing that day. That I woke up. That I didn't dismiss it. That Kent said, "Let's go." I know that stories like this don't always have such a happy ending. I know that we don't deserve any blessing such as this, but I am thankful.

I'm thankful for your full recovery after 8 days at Children's Hospital.

I'm thankful for the many hours of holding you, singing to you, and feeding you.

I'm thankful that we've been blessed as parents to raise you to know your Creator.

I'm thankful for your life, your future, and your extra special Daddy.

I'm thankful that today you are smiling, laughing, standing, saying "mama" and "dada", signing "all done," playing "peek-a-boo," playing the piano, devouring new foods, cuddling lots, interacting with your brothers, hugging your sisters, making funny faces at the camera, and waking at 5 a.m. to cuddle some more!
God has been good, and today on your 1st birthday, I'm celebrating His goodness to us! Love you, Kade Aaron.


Most of my walls are white. Painting intimidates me, but I'm constantly picking up paint
samples and dreaming up what color I'd paint my walls. I find myself asking what steps we'd have to take to paint such and such a room. Then I'd be pregnant and decide it wasn't a good time. Then I thought it'd be better to leave the walls "as is" so I wouldn't mind when they got a little roughed up by small children. But last Saturday at Home Depot, I saw $5 "oops paint" in a color I thought I might like, so we picked it up. For the bathroom. Our very small bathroom. It couldn't be that difficult. And it wasn't...for me! Kalai spent about 3 hours removing the border and taping! Kent put the stuff on the walls to cover the holes, DJ sanded, and I got to paint. I like this!
It's not done yet, but I think I'm going to like it. It's actually a darker color than this. Kalai called it "dark chocolate" as it really has a very brown look to it.
Now...for the rest of the house. What are your suggestions?


we woke up to snow...on green leaves,Kade practiced his new skill of piano playing, and Levi donned his winter gear to go play in (actually eat) the snow.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mudd Lake Gathering

I've rarely followed blogs of people that I don't know. But there's one that caught my attention last spring when her son was gravely ill. I kept wanting an update on his condition and then other things kept bringing me back to her blog...the stunning pictures, the funny kid stories, her openness, and her humorous way of writing. I also appreciated a couple outstanding posts on absolute truth and the only way to salvation as well as a great political post. I can't say I agree with everything, but I've definitely enjoyed many aspects of this blog.
And this is how I met Kami, a fellow blog reader and friend of Mckmama (Jennifer). We have a bunch of neat stuff in common and had a great visit at her home a month or two ago. And then Jennifer organized a get-together, for all who were interested, at the most amazing furniture store. It could hardly be called a store as it is beautifully arranged and filled with the most interesting items in a huge barn (Mudd Lake Furniture).
So last Friday night, about 50 of us gathered for an informal party at this hidden-away treasure of a place. The host had delicious food, lots of fall decor, and plenty of places to chat and visit the night away. Although some of the women had met before, many were meeting for the first time. But it really wasn't awkward or uncomfortable. Rather, it was warm and friendly and fun! I met some amazing women whom I hope I get to see again. Jennifer was the easiest person to be around, very down-to-earth and interested in the people she was meeting. And Kami and I got to chat again! Here we are below.

Here are a couple of women I really enjoyed visiting with...Diane (right) is a home school mom of two girls and J (I wish I remembered her unique pretty name) is a mom of three (one she adopted from China!)

I met so many others and wish I had used my camera more that night. But there are some other really great posts about this night linked to Jennifer's blog. (I haven't yet figured out how to do the linking right in the middle of my posts).

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Snowy Orchard Trip

Snow or sunshiny warmth? You can't be too picky in MN it seems. When you plan a trip to the orchard and it snows, you still go. At least that's what we did today, donned in our hats, winter coats, and gloves (minus Kent who was sick and Tana and Kalai on a tournament). It turned out to be one of those times when you wonder why you bothered going because of all the trouble and crying. You know, the baby waking up in a jostling wagon, Levi slipping and falling in the mud, the dog ignoring our tearful 2 year old, Levi crying because he thought the corn cobs were for eating but they were actually to be used to feed the chickens, the apple bonking Levi on the head, my trying to hold a squirming Kade who wanted desperately to be put on the ground in the tall, wet, muddy grass with the apples, all the mittens we kept dropping, and the best...Kade doing a flip out of the wagon (see video below). It actually struck me as quite amusing and I decided that maybe, just maybe, orchard outings weren't made for age 2 and under.

These pumpkins would have provided the best background for pictures, but the two youngest didn't realize that this was supposed to be a fun outing. Loved the straw lined wagons.

I need just two of these trees in my yard! They were LOADED!
Perfect apples.

Malia and DJ carefully chose each and every apple.Levi, on the other hand, thought the bruised apples on the ground were just fine...that is, until he was bopped on the head by one falling apple.

This is our one last attempt at appearing happy.

I snapped this picture and headed to the van with the two crying boys while Malia and DJ fed the chickens and turkeys.

Cuddle time in the van and we're happier now! (DJ's picture of Kade and me)