Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our history

This is a four book series covering history chronologically, starting with the ancient times and ending with modern history. It is designed to be used in a four year rotation, starting in first grade. Last year DJ and I completed this book, along with the textbook (which is actually more like a narrative history).
Some pros:
1. The textbook is read like a story and DJ always begs for more!
2. The activity book provides questions to ask, activity project ideas (and they're soo much fun!), maps and color pages, as well as book lists that would correspond well with the present chapter. I've found many of these books at our local library.
3. Two picture encyclopedias correspond with this series and all the page numbers are given in this activity book.
4. The child learns history chronologically rather than the typical approach to social studies which begins with the child and works its way outward. I prefer this method because I think it helps the child realize that the focal point of life and history is not himself. (that's just my opinion; I don't think the other approach is wrong!!)
Some cons:
1. Although the author does not discredit the Bible and actually does include some Bible stories, this curriculum isn't necessarily written with the idea of giving credit and glory to God. I've felt like this has given us an opportunity to talk about life without God versus a life that belongs to God.
2. There are some books and stories I'd rather not waste my time on (Greek gods, mythology, etc.) We've definitely talked about them, and briefly touched on the names of some and their basic character, but I've mostly stayed away from some of the suggested books with LOTS of myths and stories about gods of the Greeks and Romans, etc. I think it's valuable to understand their beliefs and to teach our children the history of that time, but I don't want to entertain my children with story after story of false gods.

My biggest challenge is being prepared to do a project with DJ each week. They are generally not extremely difficult projects nor projects that have really weird supplies. Yet, I find it's much easier to sit and read then to get up and actually complete a project. We've done some neat ones, but my goal is to do at least one a week this year. He LOVES them!


Kami said...

If I haven't told you how much I admire you for everything that you do - please hear it now, because I totally admire you for everything that you do! :)

Christy said...


I think you have the gift of encouragement! Thanks for your sweet words!