Friday, October 16, 2009

My 1st Birthday

This is me (Kade) on the morning of my first birthday. I'm already busy pulling stuff out of the cupboards and smiling my new and improved grin so that mom will be distracted...

and my big brother Levi can get a head start on my cake.

DJ took over soon though.

Mom dressed me in one of her favorite shirts and I got started opening my very first birthday card from Grandpa Bud and Grandma Vineta.

It took me awhile but the tearing part was really fun.

Unlike all my board books, this was bendable and fun to play with.

Opening it was quite a struggle.

And turning it back again to the front was a feat!

I love my new card. Thanks, Grandpa and Grandma!

Unfortunately, all this talk about my birthday really upset my brother Levi. He couldn't understand where his birthday was and why it could only be mine. There were some tears even though mom assured him he'd get a piece of cake too.

Finally, mom found his card from Grandpa Stacy and Grandma Carol with the many pictures from his 2nd birthday. All was happy again!

Later, mom and DJ made green frosting while Levi and I napped...

so that they could frost these cupcakes...

and create my very own caterpillar cake. Mom really liked this cake idea she found on the internet (she'd never be able to come up with it on her own!) because 1. It was simple but totally cute and 2. It was something my brothers could help with. Those are her two criteria for cakes around here.

DJ was quality control and Levi...mass production.

Finally, Levi got the hang of placing the legs "just so."

After dinner was all over, they put me back in the highchair and this really bothered me. I hadn't a clue what was to happen next.

This was my finished caterpillar cake.

And this is what I looked like when mom took my picture in the dark.
I certainly took this a bit too seriously as I didn't quite understand what all the attention was about, or what I was supposed to do with this green creation in front of me. I took my time.

Even though it looks like I ate a lot, I actually spit most of it back out. I think mom was silently relieved that I didn't devour the entire sugary creation.

It sure felt good to be done with that!
I was so tired from all the activity today. I just settled down right there on the floor and Grandpa knew exactly what to do.

That back rub felt great and now I'm ready to go!

One last picture with my birthday guests before I head to bed.

Turning 1 was fun!


Abbi said...

Very, very fun post! It looks like a busy day. The first couple of birthdays can be so confusing for the poor little kids. I remeber Megan bawled while we sang "Happy Birthday" on her first. (It didn't help that all the cousins were gathered around her and sang at the top of their lungs!)

All in a Day said...

Enjoyable post. Happy birthday!

Venessa said...

Love this post!! Such a fun way to document life!! I love that it is from Cade's perspective! Love keeping up a bit with your life! I am in OK this weekend for Tana's wedding. It is fun to see everyone but I sure miss having my family here! Today will be a busy busy day! We will chat soon! ( : Love you!

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday! What a fun cake...cute, cute, cute!

Anonymous said...

Adorable!!...the kids, the photography, the story...great blog, Christy!

Anonymous said...

Very fun and cute. I have seen the catepillar idea and thought it would be fun but never remembered it yet for an actual event. It really is cute :) Missed you at church this am, hiope you all get well soon!~Anna