Friday, October 2, 2009

Pumpkin Part 2

So after we cooked up our "beautifully decorated" pumpkin, we baked it, scooped the pulp out of the shell, and Levi went to work. He relished pushing the blender buttons over and over again, making puree out of our pumpkin...enough for 8 pies or so. If only...there were blenders for getting that lasagna or chili made. He'd be great at it, and I could get a million other things done in the meantime. :)

Malia offered to take a picture of me with the pie.


Anne said...

Yum!! I just made pumpkin bars today. Great minds think alike! Unfortunately, i went for the canned pumpkin. I've never done my own before...this may be the year. You gave me a boost! I'm sure your family was so thankful for your extra efforts!

Kami said...

Okay, I really don't like pumpkin pie even a little bit .. and yet this one looks good! :) I'm excited to start projects like this with my kiddos!