Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Big Truck Day

We had a local business host a Big Truck Day recently, their parking lot filled with all sorts of trucks of many sizes, shapes, and purposes.  But mostly...they were BIG!  :)  This was the city bus. 

There was a continuous noise of honking horns, as the children took turns sitting in the driver's seat, honking the horn...and pushing other buttons, as well.  As one police officer got ready to go, he turned to us and said everything that had an on/off switch had been turned on during the course of the afternoon! ;)

Watching a hook-and-ladder truck get ready to leave.  I love how Levi looks like he's pledging allegiance.  He's really just trying to keep the "fireman sticker" on his shirt.

Seven weeks old and just starting to smile!

He's 12 pounds 2 ounces and 7 weeks old in this picture.

Jackpine Retreat

Here's our get-up.

DJ sporting Gregory's gun...of course, with no ammunition! :) 

These guys played constantly, enjoying the sandbox and the fire.  We all left with bright red cheeks that looked sunburned, but were actually chapped from sitting by the fire.

Good friends to sing with.

Gathered for singing and Bible lesson, man and beast alike. :)

Our wee one, toasty warm and cuddled all weekend long.  6 weeks old and first camping trip!

A very weary 3 year old... all ready for bed, sitting by the fire.

He finally gave in!  Bedtime was so easy that night.

Cody hangs out on our front "porch" while I do dishes.  And yes, it was COLD!

They actually stood still long enough for a picture.

Our family (Alyssa and Tana have left for college and Kalai was at a different retreat that weekend).

We always debate whether it's worth it to drive such a long way for a short weekend of camping.  But we always end up going, glad that we did.  It's a nice laid-back time of fellowship, relishing the joys of camping, singing around the fire, and hearing God's Word.  I always come home with a renewed thankfulness for modern conveniences and a great appreciation for the beautiful world God has created for us.

Middler Bicycle Ride

Each fall Kent puts together a bike ride for the 3rd-6th graders from the church.  He usually comes up with some theme, game, or treasure hunt to make it pretty exciting!  This year the group divided into teams, each with a digital camera.  The goal was to take pictures of the team completing the list of assigned poses, activites, etc...and make it back in time for dinner.

Sleeping on a park bench was one picture!

This one was the puppet show over the hedge...I believe.

The tunnel picture.

Their distance was 8 miles and they were gone for about 2 hours.  Happy Fall!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just some random cuteness...

DJ is such a good big brother. 
G'pa Wayne and G'ma Betty were here for a visit.  Cody is about 2 weeks old here.

G'ma Vineta came for 2 weeks.  Here Cody is three and a half weeks.

Can I feel proud of myself?  Just a little bit?  I took all four boys to Home Depot's kids' project activity while Kent was helping someone move.  We did the project without anyone eating any nails or hitting anyone on the head with a hammer.  I have to add, though, that the glue was sampled by Kade. 

This was a fun picture to take.  It's actually easier to get them to stay in one place and look at me than when they're all standing together.  Now if we could just get a picture with everyone! :)
Kade asks me numerous times each day, "Hold him?" concerning Cody.  He really just wants a quick hug and then quickly pushes him back towards me saying, "All done."  This picture was taken on a recent evening when Kade wouldn't go to sleep because he had such a late nap.  He had a great time with Cody and I got some fun pictures.  Here we are having fun at the uneartly hour of 10:15 pm or so. 

Kade's working on getting fishy lips, too!

Cody seems to enjoy the sling and it helps keep my hands free while trying to get things done.  He does okay in the swing, but it just doesn't do the trick for him that often.

And that's it for this random post of pictures!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Cute sayings I need to remember

Levi says....

"Mom, this is my pet frog." (A rubber frog)  "His name is Jack.  And I love him because God loves me."

"Mom, there's a turtle growing in my tummy.  And it's getting bigger."

"Mom, did the doctor take Cody out of your tummy?" 
"Yes, Levi."
"Did he say we could keep him?"
"Yes, Levi.  Cody is our baby."
"Mom, we aren't going to give him back."
"Nope, we're not."

"Mom, I have a job for you.  You get to read to me."

"Mom, we don't litter.  Because God doesn't like it."  (not sure where he ever got that one!)