Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rhythm - pretty cute!

This was our second home school band practice and Levi really got into it. Unfortunately, it slipped my mind that a video needs to be recorded right side up instead of sideways. Oops.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Civics Fest

In conjunction with the Republican National Convention, a Civics Fest was held in our convention center. I read that it would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and it certainly was. We saw bald eagles, flag displays, first lady gowns, a life-size replica of the Oval Office, a swearing in ceremony for the kids to reinact, Air Force One, actual cars used by the presidents, and more!

The very best part was the 20 by 60 feet replica of the White House. We were absolutely amazed to learn that they update everything...from when the new residents take over and change paint or wallpaper, to a piece of furniture moved while the present man is in office. It was like seeing it in real life...only it was small! Wow. Kent said he learned that it took eight trucks to move it. Each piece had to be wrapped up as if you were moving.

Wild Fruit

Levi enjoyed the picking the plums and savoring the sweet juice. He even figured out he needed to hand me the pit and the skin. What a sweet, sticky mess he was when we finished.

This summer was an eye-opener for me. This area is brimming with wild fruit for the picking! Alyssa had always been scouting out places to pick berries or crab apples. But this summer I actually got into it. We found lots of apples and made applesauce, wild plums...made plum jam, and wild grapes...made grape jelly. Also, one night I found Kent in the kitchen canning a jar of grape juice from these wild grapes. Now isn't that impressive! He said he remembered his mom doing it and thought he could give it a try.

College Road Trip

Kent, Levi, Alyssa, and I made the trip down to Harding University last month. The rest of our family found themselves quite happy to be with good friends and missing a very long road trip (although we were all sad/but glad for Alyssa to see her go). It was hot and humid, but the campus was, green, lots of trees! We helped her settle in her room, made a trip to Walmart (all college students make a trip to Walmart it seems!), visited with family nearby, and after a yummy buffet lunch, we hugged her good-bye. I'm so excited for her to be able to experience the friendships, the learning, and the growing in Christ. We miss her.

Fort Snelling

This was one place we've been wanting to visit for quite some time. If you live in the Twin Cities, it's a worthwhile "field trip." We used our museum passes from the library and got in for free along with some friends of ours. It was a great day of learning...visiting the store and talking to a clerk, washing laundry, seeing a military drill, learning about their medical practices, hearing a cannon fire, and taking lots of pictures of our children!

DJ enjoyed playing the part of a forelorn prisoner! The teenage boys with us walked him through the front gate all tied up right to the jail. As I passed by the "soldiers" I heard one of them remark, "Now I've never seen that done here before!"

Murphy's Landing

We took a day last month and visited this historic site. The best part was the little house where we could play and dress up! They might not look very happy but we actually enjoyed the day! Aren't they adorable! I won't post the picture of me in the blue dress and bonnet though.

27 weeks a month ago

This is the most recent photo I have...five weeks ago, I believe. It's sad...I only have this one green shirt to wear! :) :)

Love these

I love these flowers. This particular bush is in view from my living room window. I admire it at least several times daily!