Friday, April 25, 2008

Attack on my camera!

I think this one's pretty funny. It shows a bit of his "jabber." Kent comments often that he babbles in complete sentences. It really does sound like it.

Spring Wedding

We took a trip to Arkansas for a family wedding in March. What a beautiful time to visit! The children enjoyed helping out with wedding appetizers... taking pictures of the spring daffodils
cuddling with five new little puppies
and enjoying lots of cousin time

Alyssa's 18!

Alyssa celebrated her 18th birthday this month. She's finishing up PSEO classes through a local college and plans on attending Harding this fall. We visited the Harding campus this spring and it was a lot of fun. (It brought back the whole college experience to mind. It's priceless!) It's a beautiful campus (my first time being there) but it didn't seem overwhelmingly huge like some larger college campuses I've visited. We're excited for Alyssa's new path and pray for God's guidance in her first exciting year away from home. She plans on studying pharmacy.

Singing the "big brother tune"

Levi's going to take on a new job - big brother. We think this little family member might be coming in November. That might explain a little why I haven't been blogging much lately. I'm sleepy once it hits 2:30 in the afternoon and I stay that way until bedtime! So I try to get to bed early. Nighttime was when I managed to do most my blogging. I'm hoping to get back on here a little more regularly.
Kent left today for a work weekend up at camp. We had all planned on going but we had a conflict of schedules so the rest of the crew is home.