Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jackpine Retreat

Here's our get-up.

DJ sporting Gregory's gun...of course, with no ammunition! :) 

These guys played constantly, enjoying the sandbox and the fire.  We all left with bright red cheeks that looked sunburned, but were actually chapped from sitting by the fire.

Good friends to sing with.

Gathered for singing and Bible lesson, man and beast alike. :)

Our wee one, toasty warm and cuddled all weekend long.  6 weeks old and first camping trip!

A very weary 3 year old... all ready for bed, sitting by the fire.

He finally gave in!  Bedtime was so easy that night.

Cody hangs out on our front "porch" while I do dishes.  And yes, it was COLD!

They actually stood still long enough for a picture.

Our family (Alyssa and Tana have left for college and Kalai was at a different retreat that weekend).

We always debate whether it's worth it to drive such a long way for a short weekend of camping.  But we always end up going, glad that we did.  It's a nice laid-back time of fellowship, relishing the joys of camping, singing around the fire, and hearing God's Word.  I always come home with a renewed thankfulness for modern conveniences and a great appreciation for the beautiful world God has created for us.

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