Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fall Day at MN Zoo

This week a sudden chill to the air has sent us scrambling for our hats and well as our rain coats. It was cloudy and rainy every day this last week except for Wednesday. So Kent rode his bike to work and we settled on a field trip to the zoo. (It helped that I'd come across some free zoo passes too!)

Winter used to be something I associated with cozy evenings by the fire, baking goodies, wearing warm sweaters, and playing in the snow now and then. Now, I haven't given up on those wonderful things, but winter has taken on a new dimension. It has something to do with active boys (and the rest of us too) who need lots of time outside, but it gets dark early and some days are just too cold to be out long. So "cozy" has an added layer of "cooped up." I think that's why I'm relishing these fall days, especially the ones with sun!

All of us minus Tana (who had to work).The scarecrow beneath the giant sunflowers was our favorite "fall thing."
Kalai took time out to sketch, a new skill she's developing while taking an art class.

DJ tried out the fishing boat at a new park in the zoo.
This just opened in July. It was a great place for the younger ones to climb and play, yet still had an outdoor zoo-like theme.

Kade enjoys the boat too.

DJ shows off his "catch."
Levi thought the pigs were "noisy."

We could have watched these guys all day. What hilarious little creatures, and so social! I'm really happy to just watch them, but DJ was just itching the entire time to get in and play with them.
This cow had given 63 pounds of milk by 11:30 in the morning. I'd kind of like one in my backyard. The only difficulty...they eat a tremendous amount of food each day.

The corn field had a path through the middle of it.

Happy boys riding wolves.
My 13 year old...growing up fast. I enjoy watching her at the zoo. She takes in so much and enjoys the little details of each animal.

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