Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bird and Orchards

A couple weeks ago we went to a nearby nature center. They were releasing some of the raptors that had been recovering.

This bird was still in the process of healing.A large crowd gathered and this particular release was done by some guy with the MN Twins. (I'm sorry but his name just didn't stick!)
Our attempt at a group photo.

Levi taking it all in.

Then we stopped at a favorite little apple farm we like.
Enjoying the turkeys and their crazy eating of whatever the boys put through the fence.

Levi loved the tractor "in real life."

I marveled at the beautiful scenery.

And I especially liked this building, complete with the weather vane on top!
We enjoyed a free "chestnut apple" they offered us, along with honey sticks. We bought a bag of seconds Honey Crisps. (We'll go back and actually pick this weekend with Kent). Yum. Then we came home and sliced them up to eat, popped popcorn, sliced cheese and enjoyed a snacky supper. I love fall! What fall things are you doing?


Shelly said...

Hi there. I just came over from Mckmama's blog. Congrats on the win. What a lovely family you have.

AllisonO said...

Hey Christy! I looked you up right away when I got home (after putting Micah down) so I wouldn't forget your site! It was great to meet you tonight!

Abbi said...

That all looks like fun! Going to an apple orchard would be fun. Do they have good deals?

We did some fall decorated here tonight. It was actually Mara who really got it started and she made some cute leaf decorations for the windows. We also put together a centerpiece with candles and then ate by candlelight. She also wrapped our silverware in napkins and decorated that with leaves and made us place cards. It was rather fun. And then since we were all ready to celebrate fall it decided to snow! :-)