Thursday, May 28, 2009

New stuff

I've never been very good at handling lots of new things. Sometimes the very things I wish for I might resist just because they're new! But when it comes to spring, that I CAN handle. I love spring and have always especially loved May. It's my birthday month which I loved sharing with my mom and the extra bonuses were lilacs, strawberries, blooming trees, goslings, tulips (depending on where you live... up here in MN it's MAY because we're behind everyone else).

if any guys read this blog...I'm pretending you don't. This is a mommy topic that follows so beware. :)

So, my little Kade is too little. That's my new news today. He's developing and growing but he's not getting enough milk from nursing. I've tried lots of things, mostly just feeding him often, and supplementing with herbs that are supposed to help. But he's merely maintaining and not gaining enough to keep up with his growth. So, we're back to formula. And he doesn't like it...not one little bit. It's as if I'm playing a mean prank on him. I think he really thinks I'm out to get him because he gives me the worst looks. I've tried giving it to him in a bottle and in an SNS tube thingy (which I used with Levi...Levi actually liked it because it was all he ever knew). The nurse said it'll take some time for him to get used to it, but that perhaps daddy should do the feeding. I think it's rather funny that the yucky taste is now supposed to be associated with daddy. :)

Oh well. I can be such an idealist. I wanted to have the perfect nursing experience with Kade but it's not happening even though I'm following all the "rules." I'm inspired to go out and buy huge quantities of greens and juice them up tomorrow and see if that helps. Isn't that what cows eat...insane quantities of greenery? :) I just might try it. It's funny how eating/food can become the prevailing train of thought ALL DAY LONG when a baby isn't getting what he needs.

To be thankful for tonight:

My beautiful new hydrangea plant from my mother-in-law

My new clothes from my thrift store treasure hunting

DJ is really catching onto reading

Some good friends are moving two houses down

I met a homeschool mom at the park today and we exchanged addresses

I'm learning to give up what control I think I have over others and life circumstances

My God is good and is with me and loves me!


martha said...

Oh I am sorry about that! And I'm glad you are remembering to be thankful even though some things are not working out!

Abbi said...

I thought it looked like Kade was getting chubby... I am sorry things aren't going so well. It seems like he should get used to the formula soon. That is kind of funny that Kent should get to feed him the yucky stuff. :-)

Corene said...

I agree with Abbi, that Kade looks chubby in the pics! Wish I could help...