Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Winter Pleasures

I love the seasons in Minnesota. Yep, I'll even take the near zero temps. in exchange for snowy scenes, sledding, and all the winter fun. I've posted a few pictures that remind me what I've enjoyed this winter.

This is one of my most TREASURED gifts. Kalai and Malia handcrafted this little ornament for me out of "stuff" in our backyard. It's a little manger with baby Jesus. I love it! Kent and I love walking at night, but we also like to stay warm sometimes. We took each other on in one of our favorite games - Bonanza (or Beans) one night this winter. Tana happened by and thought it was picture-worthy. :)We visited Kent's mom and Bud in Illinois in December. They had a fresh that took their fall decor by surprise, I think. I loved the color contrast!
This view met me one morning a couple weeks ago as I carried a hungry Levi (and a sleepy me) into our kitchen. "His mercies are new every morning"
This flag hangs in Kent's mom's and Bud's front yard. I'd love to get one for our home someday.


Esther said...

Great pictures, especially of the snow. I miss that.

Esther said...

Oh, and did you end up winning in that game of Bonanza?!!

Ang said...

That is a wonderful gift. Homemade gifts are so special.

Abbi said...

What fun pictures. That sunrise is very beautiful. I saw a beautiful sunset tonight but didn't have my camera with me.

Corene said...

I was telling Trey how great your backyard/view was in the summer, but wow!

And both Zoe and Jack put everything in their mouths at some point, though Jack still can't be trusted at 14 months:). I will say it gets better.