Monday, March 10, 2008


This race car cake for DJ's 6th birthday was a joint project...or should I say, a project for three. Kent made my rectangle and square chocolate cakes actually look like the shape of a race car. I concocted the bright yellow frosting (Can I say it looks absolutely inedible to me? DJ kept saying it was the best part!). DJ supervised the little extra touches - like his picture on the driver's side and Levi's picture on the passenger side, the number "6" above his side and the number "0" above Levi's side. His explanation: Levi is zero. I guess 10 months doesn't count toward much. (Don't look to closely. We weren't going for perfection - just perfect enough for a six year old; the goal was to have it decorated completely before Levi woke up from his morning nap!) We had Grandpa Stacy and Grandma Carol over for a celebration of this special little (or not-so-little anymore) boy! What a joy he is and every day I'm so thankful to be his mommy!


Esther said...

The pictures add such a nice touch!

All in a Day said...

What a happy face. :)

Angie said...

His face says it ALL!