Sunday, September 27, 2009

Why I Like Blogging

I've been pondering on this lately and was just telling someone today that it took me a full year from the time I "started my blog" to an actual successful post. But why has it become one of my new hobbies? I think it's because blogging is a combination of some of my very favorite (and I've always loved pictures, esp. those of people), scrapbooking (it's pretty to look at), and journaling (I've filled over 13 journals or so over the years). Best of all, it's fun to share life, ideas, blessings, and challenges with friends and family. And by reading other people's blogs I've actually made a new friend I got together with in real life. We had a wonderful time together with her family and I'm looking forward to seeing her again. So do you like blogging for any of the same reasons I do? Are you an interested reader? Happy blogging and reading.

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Kami said...

I can tell you for certain that she is looking forward to seeing you again soon as well! I'm actually looking at our October schedule to see when things slow down (and when my husband is NOT hunting!).

I blog for those exact same reasons! I just love to write, I enjoy pictures, and I love connecting with other blogging friends. It's proved to be an amazing outlet :)

Missing you sweetie!