Saturday, September 26, 2009

First pumpkin

Do your children start asking, "When are we going to get a pumpkin?" as soon as they start showing up everywhere for sale? These two boys love pumpkins! And so we found one at a decent price and decided we'd cook it up.First, we decided it wouldn't hurt any to draw some faces. DJ did this side.And Levi drew this face.Then we scooped out the seeds to cook later. I never thought I'd hear so many giddy squeals from Levi as I did while he as taking seeds out of the pumpkin! Oh! I didn't plan for them to wear orange either. It just worked out that way. Kinda fun!


martha said...

Oh That's sweet. And yes, I get asked for pumpkins as soon as they're spotted. :)

Kami said...

This looks like a lot of fun! We haven't picked up any pumpkins quite yet, but it's definitely in our near future!

Venessa said...

I do love your blog! It helps me to keep up with you a bit since we seldom get to see each other. Love the pumpkin pics!! Fall is just the best time! I esp. like the one of Levi with his scrunchy face! So cute!

justlori2day said...

When we went shopping on Friday night we saw some divine pumpkins but just as we didn't go to the orchard this weekend, I just thought we could wait "one more weekend". I hope our cold weather doesn't ruin those chances!

SO MUCH FUN to carve those pumpkins! What did you bake?

Look forward to meeting you next week! lo