Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bakken Adventure

There was a detour. DJ groaned. I admired old Minneapolis neighborhoods. We were lost. Finally, I found it...2 gas stations later. Another museum with passes checked out at our local library. The Bakken is a museum about magnetism and electricity with some pretty amazing displays and hands-on activities.

The "Mind Game" was challenging. To win, you must....relax. That's it! It's harder said than done (especially while holding a 10 month old and keeping an eye on a 2 year old). Somehow the head gear picks up brain waves and the one who is most relaxed has the ball head toward the opponent's side. Needless to say, DJ beat me.

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Anonymous said...

The Bakken looks like they have new exhibits. We need to get over there to check them out! I love the Bakken! Anna