Monday, November 8, 2010

Striped Deals

I don't really go shopping much.  To clarify, I don't go clothes shopping much.  I figure that there will be plenty of time for that later.  Right now, I'm busy raising my babies and trying to keep up with teenagers growing up, and as much as I like wearing something nice, I just don't lately.  At least when I'm home during the day.  Usually, it's comfy exercise pants and a sweatshirt.  That way I don't mind when greasy hands get wiped on me, the baby spits up, or dinner splatters on my clothes.  But I do love hunting down a deal when I get a chance.  My favorite thing is the thrift store.  You can find such nice quality items at times, but it takes a lot of looking.  I do like that when I have time.  The other day, Kent took the boys geocaching.  My girls were at a youth retreat.  So Cody and I had fun at the thrift store (he slept and I had fun).  I found these two good-looking shirts for Kent.  At least I liked them...and he didn't say they looked like tablecloths (he has said that before). :)

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Corene said...

I also love to hit my local thrift store alone when I have the chance (though that doesn't happen often!)

Clothes can get ruined SO EASILY, esp. when you have tree-climbing, playground-loving, creating- with- paint, glitter and glue kiddos, so I don't feel as bad when I've only spent a dolllar or two for a gently used item.