Monday, November 8, 2010

Geocaching with dad

 This Sunday afternoon we went on a bike ride with a purpose.  Kent found the coordinates of nearby geocaches and we took off on a "treasure hunt." 
 Here Kent records our find in the log book of this cache.
 DJ exchanges a little treasure of his own for one in the cache.
 This was one of the only places I saw pretty leaves.  For the most part, they're gone, but we're having beautiful warmer weather the past couple days.  Love it!

Some of the family, along with a neighbor boy, looking for the hidden cache.
 Our line-up of bikes and trailers.  Cody is fast asleep in the last trailer.
 Our Malia.  Growing up so fast!

A close-up of one of the caches and Kent's GPS. 

I quit a little early because I thought Cody would wake up and be ready to eat, so I biked home alone along paths through the woods.  What a beautiful quiet time.  I really enjoyed it and thought I was so far ahead of the rest of them.  I barely made it in the house and I heard voices in the garage.  I guess I wasn't as fast as I thought. 

Geocaching is such a fun activity, especially when coupled with biking or hiking.  Once you have a GPS, it's practically a free sport.  The initial cost of a GPS is a lot, but I think they're getting cheaper and you don't have to have the most expensive one to do the job!  Kent has found over 600 caches, most of them within a 7 mile radius of our house. 

Geocaching has other benefits as well.  Once it got me out of a speeding ticket that I deserved (although I wasn't meaning to speed)!  The officer that stopped me told me that my husband's name was so familiar.  He kept insisting that he knew my Kent's name.  I assured him that my husband hadn't been in trouble lately. :)  He laughed and after he checked things out, asked me if my husband geocached.  He then told me to tell Kent that "bald eagle" said hello.  I guess that was his geo name.  He went on to tell about his outings with his son.  I had to say a big "thank you" to him...and to Kent when I got home! :)

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