Sunday, November 21, 2010

Making Granola

I made granola this weekend and decided it'd be fun to share pictures.   When I
first married, I bought granola and found that it was rather expensive.  Often I was disappointed with the ingredients.  Finally, I started making it, and usually we have some on hand.  Kent really likes putting it on our oatmeal and ice cream.  The boys like it with plain yogurt and some fruit.  I like it with a few chocolate chips mixed in (but that's when no one's looking!)

 I always put nuts in ours, usually chopped almonds or walnuts.

I like to use a mixture of oats, triticale, and barley that I order in large quantites from a co-op.

So here's the basic recipe...but it's very flexible!

10 cups rolled oats or any other rolled grain
1/2 cup oil
3/4 cup honey
1 1/2 cups choppd nuts
1 cup dried fruit

Pour oats in a large bowl.  Stir honey and and oil together.  Add mixture to the oats and stir well.  Chop nuts and add to oat mixture.  Grease large glass pan and pour mixture into the pan.  Bake in 325 degree oven for 35-40 minutes (the total time I'm uncertain about!).  Check every 10-15 minutes and stir.  Remove from oven when oats are lightly browned.  Cool and add dried fruit.

You can vary the amount of oil, honey, nuts and fruit to your liking.  I've found that it works out pretty well no matter what!  Just don't forget about it.  I've burnt a large pan of granola to a blackened mess.  That's what I get for relying on my memory instead of a timer.


All in a Day said...

Yummy! We like ours with plain yogurt too. (and I add peanut butter to mine)

Corene said...

They eat granola w/ choc chips in France, which I've read and had confirmed by Katie :). Today Jack wanted more raisins on his oatmeal, and we ran out so I gave him 4 choc chips! Guess I'm getting soft...Hope to see you this week!