Friday, November 5, 2010

I'm a poet

It worked for a day or two and then we were back to the same old mess. :)  Oh well.  I thought I'd share and hopefully find a solution for our shoes somewhere.  Don't you think I should write more quality poetry!


Abbi said...

Funny! Sorry I don't have any solutions for shoes except I am thinking of having less of them for each child. That way they would have to keep track of them and they would actually fit in the places we have for them.

All in a Day said...

Ha! Cute! It doesn't work (only having one pair.) Spoken from experience... :)

Finding Balance mommy said...

We have the same shoe issue! Everyone is really great about taking their shoes off before going on the carpet, but the foyer is (was always) filled with dirty shoes.
I tried the line them up thing but it often got forgotten. So I went to Ross and found a covered basket for $13 to put by the front door. It's been great!!! If the shoes are muddy they must stay outside, but otherwise they go straight in the covered basket. Then Javon's chore is to empty the basket everyday. He is allowed to leave one pair of shoes per person in the basket that are more slip on type shoes if we need to run outside for something. It's working great for us!