Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Twenty-four weeks

You'd think it wouldn't be that hard to stop and say to someone, "Hey, can you take my picture?"  I keep meaning to do it... just because it's fun to look back and compare (and see how much bigger you were with your third than your first!), and remember.  But this is only my second picture of this pregnancy...late, late one night before bed!

I'm feeling more aches and pains, but I have to say, my energy is much better than even last month.  I can skip my afternoon 20 minute snooze and still make it through the evening.  There are some days, though, I just don't want to do anything. 

Still enjoying food, but not quite obsessed with it as I was the first weeks of pregnancy.  I'm enjoying beef, but couldn't stand the smell when pregnant with Levi.  I still want Reuben sandwiches but I'm not ordering them any chance I get like I did when pregnant with Kade.  Lately, though, I've been carrying around pistachios and finding them to be extremely yummy.  They're a treat anyway, but when a friend brought some over, I kept wanting them the following days until I actually bought some at Sam's Club.  Yeah, I used to laugh at all the pregnant stories about food, but now I believe they're true!

And if you're interested, I'm dreaming like crazy.  I have all sorts of people showing up in my dreams.  And I've been trying to plan our anniversary trip.  So one night, while dreaming all night long, or so it seemed, about my hair-brained idea to go camping for our trip this year, I actually woke Kent up and asked him if we could take an inflatable mattress with us if we did so choose to go tent-camping.  He assured me we could, and I promptly continued to sleep and dream about our plans.

So off I head to bed now to work out some more issues in my dreams and see what friend shows up!

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Abbi said...

Happy Dreams! I remember doing that a lot! It is fun to hear about your pregnancy.