Monday, April 19, 2010

Moments from our trip to Branson

Love this picture.  Levi's favorite Bible story book came along with us.  He loves to recite the parts he has memorized.  And DJ likes to read the parts Levi can't remember.  I think Grandma Carol had a chance to read some!

Kade kept removing the rubber covers off the doorstops and carrying them around in his mouth.  I finally decided to collect them myself and return them to their proper place when we were ready to leave.

We had a lovely afternoon picnic by a lake.

We visited a local fish hatchery which was very interesting and fun...especially for the boys.  DJ was only very disappointed that he couldn't put his hands in the water and try to catch one.

This building was an amazing and beautiful place to see.  It was where we saw the show "Noah."  We had heard it was remarkable, and we weren't disappointed.  Live animals, amazing effects, and a very well-done show left us feeling glad we went!  Obviously, they had to add to the Bible story to make it a show, but they it was refreshing to hear them refer to the actual Genesis chapters and recommend that the viewer read it themselves.  The grand finale really tied everything up with a view toward Christ and His return.

This was just outside the entrance.  Of course, the boys would have liked to stop and play in this fountain!

The auditorium

Indoor architecture

The second half of the show began with the "stage" on three sides of the audience.  It was as if we were inside the ark, with animals surrounding us.  This is a miniature model of what the auditorium looks like at that point during the show.  The boys did really enjoy it although it got a bit long for their young ages (the younger two). 

Note: I can't take credit for these photographs of the Noah part. :)  My lovely daughter Kalai took these with an eye towards art, I do believe. :) 

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Venessa said...

We saw the Noah production in PA several years ago - I would recommend for everyone to see it!! We thought it was SO good! I want to go back again.