Monday, April 19, 2010

Our 18 month old Kade

I love overcast days outside.  It makes it so much easier to take a picture without the problems of sun glare.  These pictures of Kade do really represent a genuine aspect of his personality.  :)  He tends to be a bit serious, has some quirky expressions, and can frown like crazy. :)  His newest thing is to stick out his lips like a fish whenever he's a bit shy or uncomfortable.  And the sand...he really likes it.  I thought after a taste of two, he'd decide it wasn't worth it.  But no, he likes to go back for more.

Lately, we've had some grumpier days.  I'm not sure if he's teething more or what.  But when we get outside, it's as if the world is 10 times brighter from his persepective.  That does become challenging because he really can't go out there without me.  One day, though, he became engrossed in the sandbox in the back yard and I was able to get dinner ready and wash dishes while watching him from the window.  That was nice!

I had to throw this picture in because Kade has his silly moments.  He's learning to tease a bit, and he laughs the most with his two brothers.  They can be quite silly!

His vocabulary now:

ball, mommy, daddy, Malia, dropped, more, please, duck, doggy (everything with four legs is a doggy), bird, owie, swing, moon, balloon (oon), ice.  Can't think of any others right now, but he understands so much and I'm thinking that's nice for when this new baby arrives.

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