Thursday, April 8, 2010

Let's just say...

...I'm not blogging much right now, but I miss it.  It's a fun way to chronicle share some of it with others.  To put the past month briefly...

-we traveled to a winter retreat up north for a weekend

-my parents came for a visit

-we hosted 3 college girls for a week while they served with the urban ministry

-our daughter Alyssa came home for spring break

-a friend and I drove down to Rochester for another friend's baby shower

-our family took a vacation to Branson with Grandpa Stacy and Grandma Carol

-I got the stomach flu (and was reminded how much easier it is to be sick when you're not a mommy!)

-I went to my first prenatal visit today

-Kent and I have to decide "do we find out...or not" at our ultrasound tomorrow  (we're leaning towards leaving the secret for that amazing moment at birth)

I'm trying to get the boys outside every day.  They love it!  I'm trying to get caught up on my overflowing closet of stuff.  Hoping to dust someday again.  Learning lots about space with DJ.  Needing to take the girls thrift store shopping for some non-holey jeans, nice long ones, and some clothes fit for a wedding next month in Arkansas.  Trying to remember to stoop down and look long in my little one's faces and forget the cleaning up for a few moments.  Working with Kent to purposefully plan time with each of our girls.  Asking God to help me control my temper and be more patient.  Learning to love the life I am blessed with.


Wayne Cobb said...

We LOVE reading your blog.

Dad & Mom

Abbi said...

I hope all of your plans go well! Did you leave it a secret about the baby?

Corene said...

Hi Christy! I've been thinking about you lately...hope your ultrasound went well

Kami said...

I think your month in review sounds fabulous! You're a busy lady and I just love reading your blog because I can so easily relate!

Missing you, friend!