Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Underwater World

"Mom, can we go there?" This is the question I get asked practically every time we go to the Mall of America (which isn't often). Grandma Carol called us Monday night to see if we were available for a last minute trip the next morning to Underwater World (located in Mall of America). She had come upon some free and half-price tickets.
Tana and Malia reluctantly posed for this picture...but then it turned out sooo adorable!

Touching areas.

These pictures DJ and Malia took. My camera was sabotaged. Whenever we're at a zoo or wildlife area, I suddenly have two photographers on my hands. They both LOVE to take pictures of every leaf, tree, and moving creature. DJ asked me yesterday, "Can I take a picture of every animal we see today?" Um, not really...PLEASE! What could I say? I take a million pictures of them all the time. So now I need to make a folder on my computer of all their photos.

We had a blast watching the stingrays and sharks being fed. What an amazing place. I hope that we can always be reminded of God's majesty when seeing incredible creatures such as these. Wouldn't it be cool to have a science museum or zoo that had signs like, "And on the fifth day God created fish and birds."


Tanya said...

There is a creation museum near Cincinnati, OH. It is really cool! Hope you are doing well!

Christy said...

Okay! I want to go sometime! Clarify...Tanya Lauderdale?? I wasn't able to access your I'm making a good guess!