Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Block Party

One year it was rain, another it was a tornado watch. Our block parties have not always been so successful. But this year's was great! The street was closed off. Most of our near neighbors brought their chairs and dishes to share right out in the street (my poor Levi was quite confused the next day about not being able to play in the road again!) We had bubbles, rocketing balloons, water fights...and a bike parade. These are the attempts of a mom to make their bikes into "airplanes"...all while holding a squirmy 10 month old and trying to keep a 2 year old from drawing all over himself with permanent marker. :) It was fun!

I never realized we had sooo many young children on our street until I saw them all in one place. I'm hoping for a chance to reach out to some of these "fellow-mommy's" especially now that my life is becoming a little more settled (sort of)! It's amazing how close we live to our neighbors in proximity without actually being a part of one another's lives. Such is our modern culture with our busyness and capability of going everywhere else for friendships outside of our neighborhoods. I envision having a neighborhood Bible study or after-school kids' club someday...someday - if that's part of God's plan for our family.


Corene said...

Was this part of National Night Out? I heard much of Mpls has block parties that night, and I must admit I like that idea better than what Crookston does. We have a whole-community shindig at Central Park on that night. That format doesn't allow us to bring food or really meet our neighbors.

Christy said...

No, this was just our own personal block party, organized by one of the neighbors. She kept it rather simple by attaching a flyer to our mailboxes. One side of the street brought side dishes and the other brought desserts. Each family was responsible for their own meat, chairs, drinks, etc. I think she may have had to call the city to have them block it off.

Abbi said...

That sounds like fun! Our neighborhood party is tomorrow night. I am still trying to think of anything we can do to make it more fun than just eating and visiting.