Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Tomorrow is my parent's 34th anniversary of sharing each other's lives. Here are a few tidbits you might find interesting. (hopefully I won't get in trouble!)

They used to send cassette tapes back and forth when they were dating...kind of like a one-way phone call!

While they were dating, Dad peeked in mom's room at her parents' house just because he wanted to make sure it wasn't a huge mess. He didn't want to marry a slob! :)

They were at a Christian camp and dad asked mom to go for a walk. The story goes that he claimed he had never gotten lost before, so they took off...and they got lost in a rainstorm.

My mom remembers dates for pretty much every slightly momentous occasion in life...and likes to ask dad regularly if he remembers "What happened today, 20 years ago?" I love his smile, laugh, and random guess. He really has no idea! :)

As a kid, I used to think that parents just didn't have much of a life apart from us, their children. I think it's just a kid mentality as everything revolves around yourself (at least it feels like it should be that way!) But I've found that my parents enjoy being together! They don't do anything majorly fancy, but they like to take trips to the lake together, go for walks, sit in a bookstore and read together, and enjoy a picnic now and then.

I've heard them both say many, many times how much the other one complements them. They are very aware of their own weaknesses and find great joy in realizing that the other one completes this lack in their own life. I find that to be inspiring...because so often we can look negatively on someone else's different strengths and weaknesses.

They are a team and they work together through whatever may arise be it health issues, caring for an elderly parent, getting through busy times, moving from time to time, and serving the needs of people in their lives.

They pray together often. I can remember this even as a child, occasionally hearing them praying together after I had gone to bed.

I've learned from them that time and the person you marry changes you. I've seen how they've both become just a little more like the enjoys browsing at a garage sale now and then; mom can get out the door faster than dad sometimes.

They both have a lot of "kid" in them still. I think that makes marriage more fun for well as grandparenting. Have I mentioned what awesome grandparents they are?

So, happy anniversary, mom and dad. Your marriage continues to be a blessing to me and your children's children! Thank you for committing to God's way and truly living life as an adventure together!


Esther said...

That was beautifully written, Christy. Thanks so much for posting it. They are truly wonderful parents to us and grandparents to our children.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post Christy. You parents are wonderful people...and I love hearing how much they enjoy spending time with each other :) Enjoy your time with them!
Happy Anniversary Wayne and Betty!


Abbi said...

You do have a neat set of parents! I loved reading all your tidbits! I hope they have a great anniversary. How many years is this one for them?

Chris said...

How fun to read your comments- I'm sure they were touched by your tribute as well!
Aunt Chris
P.s. I also enjoy their good sense of humor that they share.