Thursday, August 13, 2009

4 Years...and we celebrated!

It was time to celebrate. It was June, afterall, and our anniversary was in April. G'pa Wayne and G'ma Betty fed the children, cuddled them, and sang to them, and Kent and I made our way back to Stillwater...again. We like it. It's quaint and old and charming.
I found myself booking a room at this historic inn.

And I learned how profitable it can be to ask about last-minute booking deals!

Kent watched our stow-away baby (Kade came with us) and wandered the store while I did a little bit of shopping. I added another blue-and-white piece to my collection (we've done that on each anniversary).

Our room looked out on the St. Croix and even had a little balcony. (I also learned it pays to ask about switching rooms upon arriving. The guy gave me their best room for the same price as the room I had booked which had no view!)

The room happened to be named after the man who originally built the house we stayed in last year for our anniversary. Pretty cool!

Above the bed...a Norman Rockwell, one of my favorite artists! This piece shows the seasons of a girl's life.

We had seafood for dinner...and ended with this!
What flavors do you think we picked?

Mine was Maple Nut and Kent's was Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Only...his had some mint on it from the previous scoop (and he can't stand mint), so I got to clean it up a bit for him. Yeah for me! I wonder who's looking on longingly. And no, I don't feed ice cream to my 8 month old. He has to wait! :)

So happy to be married to this man!
Now on a more serious note. I'm learning from marriage...
To appreciate the differences in one another
To not TELL ALL. He doesn't have to hear about every single thing. :)
To make every outing together fun...even if it has to be a "diaper date."
That what makes him happy can make me happy too
That I need to be more verbally encouraging
To leave the mess...and go for a walk or out for coffee
That it's fun to beat him in a game
That I need to put others first
To think before I speak (Kent is good at this)
That God must be first...only then can marriage journey towards what God planned in the first place.


tani said...

I loved the list! Your outing sounds like it was very fun! We will have to try the ice-cream shop sometime.

Corene said...

Glad you got to getaway! What fun!

BlessedMama said...

Wow, it seems like you two have been married longer then 4 years. What a blessing! Loved the list. Great things that are soooo true. :-)