Saturday, August 15, 2009


Some friends nearby had a garage sale and offered to let me sell some homemade bread. It was a lot of fun for some reason. I've always wanted to have a home business of some kind..especially having to do with food (although I'm not sure how profitable and time efficient it would be). I've thought about having a bridal veil business too. It's fun to dream and I think it'd be a great way to have children involved in learning about profit and cost, saving and giving, etc.


All in a Day said...

MMMMM...I just baked two loaves today plus some chocolate/butterscotch sauce brownies.

Corene said...

I need to get your recipe sometime, though I'd rather buy yours! There is a large homeschooling family here, 5 kids ages 17-2, that makes/sells all kinds of breads at our farmer's market.
Theirs starts at $5.00 a loaf, and they use a huge mixer and multiple ovens to make it more efficient. She has the kids shaping bagels (which sell for $1 each) while they listen to a book on CD. It IS a time commitment, though, esp. because they're at our market 2 x/week.

Abbi said...

Did they sell well? Bread has usually done well at our garage sales but I don't think it always has.