Friday, February 5, 2010

Christmas Past

We did have a wonderful Christmas holiday, we did take lots of pictures, we did have lots of family here, and we did eat lots of good food. I just didn't get around to blogging about it...until almost Valentine's Day! :) So if you're in the mood for hearts and sweet little things to make, you won't find it here...until the 4th of July...maybe! Yes, Alyssa's gift to DJ was this handy apron and chef's hat. DJ does love to help out in the kitchen and can't wait to make pancakes all by himself. that's right,

Malia made a stuffed pig friend for Kade. She picked out the pattern herself and used felt scraps from around the house. It was pretty cute and he loved it! we

Kalai and Malia were pretty creative in regards to my gift that Kade is holding. This glass jar is full of folded stars (3 dimensional). The outside of the jar said "One Hundred Reasons We Love You." This gift has totally made the last 40 days or so (as I only allow myself to open one a day). I love their sweetness and thoughtfulness...especially because I know I'm not always that lovable! are

The gift of family being with us was the best part of Christmas. My parents, sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew all spent several days/weeks with us. This is my 4 year old niece who was a welcome playmate to all! expecting

We do the whole artificial thing and it's really totally okay with me! We turn on the music, pop some popcorn, and make it a family affair. The color-coded branches are a challenge every year to get in just the right spot. another

DJ made this puppet for Grandpa Stacy and Grandma Carol. He spent quite a bit of time painstakingly cutting out pieces and hot gluing them on. baby

These girls make the holidays especially fun. They're very thoughtful in their gift choosing and giving and they helped make some yummy stuff for Christmas dinner. so

This was DJ's gift to Levi (with some assistance from daddy and sister artists). This little house ended up being in our living room for about a month and was the absolute favorite place to play! that's

One of our family snapshots together one morning. why
Here's my sweet nephew that just loved this sparkly stuff. eight is great


Venessa said...

I figured it out!! It confused me for a bit but now I got it!!! Congrats to you!! When are you due? I called the other day but we just have trouble connecting!!! We must chat soon! Love you!

Tonita said...

Eight is a nice even number!

Bridgett said...

That's very tricky Christy. I am very happy for you guys.

Andrea said...

WOW Christy!!!! How are you feeling? When is number eight due to join your family? Wonder if pink will be in your future? :)
I am excited for you...I don't know how you do it....I am tired with one!

jamesm said...

Love how you stuck that in there - congratulations to you all! I have always thought "8 is great" since there's 8 of us siblings:)

Abbi said...

I wondered about your new blog title and then I was wondering why you had strange words in your post. Congratulations!

Andrew said...

yeah, but nine is fine

jlracine6 said...

Eight is great! God bless you and thanks for the fun hunt on your blog. Love you all,

mamabearof8 said...

Congratulations! Your mom did give me a couple of hints. What a clever way of announcing the news.
We agree that EIGHT IS GREAT!
Love, Aunt Chris

All in a Day said...

Congratulations! I wondered when I read the title change. :) Yahoo!!!