Thursday, February 11, 2010

My kids' "toys"

My brother Levi and I are just not quite sure why adults think all these colorful, plastic toys are more exciting for us than their stuff.  I'd take their stuff over mine any day.

And there must be one for each hand!

The untensil drawer is the best.  We unload it for mom nearly every morning after breakfast, waiting until she shows us just the two we wanted.  Then we scatter them around the house and when it's lunch time she has to have everyone gather the spoons and ladles.

A toothbrush has been my handy companion since before I can remember.  I've gone to bed with it, I've seen mom search all over for mine so it can go in the car with us, and it's a must on long trips. 

Our vaccuum attachments are a new favorite.  At first they were part of our playing "doctor" but now they can be anything!

Our kitchen spoons are so special I thought they needed a trip to the Mall of America.  That's right.  I had been hanging on to these all morning so that I'd have them when it was time to head out.  It was a little disconcerting because I had to let go of them to get my coat on (afterall, it is cold in MN right now), but mom realized it wouldn't really be any bother to just bring them with us.  And they stayed with me as I toddled all over that mall.  I never get amused looks at home quite like the ones I got here at the mall. 
You see, we both love our toothbrushes.  Mom made sure to pack these on our 9 hour trip to Illinois last month.  It made for hours of peaceful travel as we chewed away (as long as I didn't insist on having both of them in my I do like to have 2 of for each hand.  Oh well.  I learn to be content).


Zane said...

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Kami said...

SO cute! I miss you, dear friend - we should get together soon! :)

Carolyn said...

Hey Christy, I just heard that you are expecting....Congrats! I don't know how you do it all but it looks like things are going really well for you. God bless! Carolyn

Abbi said...

Looks like they are keeping (you!) busy. Very cute!