Monday, February 22, 2010

Grandpa, Grandma, and Abraham Lincoln

Last month we loaded our present family of eight (Alyssa's at college) into our van and headed to Grandpa Bud and Grandma Vineta's for a weekend.  Sometimes it's really nice to get settled in for a car ride and knwo there are no meals to cook, no dishes to wash, nothing that really has to be done. 

 I had packed a dinner in the car of wraps.  This is our traditional "meal on the road"...flour tortillas, filled with your choice of meat, cheese, pickles, green peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce and even horseradish mustard, although I'm the only one who likes that last item.  Well, up until dinner time I was enjoying this car ride with nothing to do.  I browsed my Taste of Home Magazines for hours, marking recipes I thought might be a go.  This little activity proved to be a problem.  You see, I just didn't feel like wraps.  I was hungry and pregnant and wanted a hot meal.  I keep laughing at myself because I'm so much not like myself right now.  I think about food often and am not as content and satisfied with "whatever."  I went ahead and ate my wrap and decided to put those magazines away!!

Along with some wonderful meals around Bud and Vineta's table, we enjoyed an outing to see some Abraham Lincoln History.  2009 had been the 200th anniversary of his birth so the whole state had been celebrating for quite some time.
This was our first stop.  The boys really liked his hat!

Daddy and Kade enjoy cuddling in the chilly air as the rest of us look around the war memorial.  We actually took some time and found Kent's dad's name and Bud's name.  DJ thought it was cool to see "his" name!These beautiful flags were flying above the memorial.

Then Bud and Vineta treated us to a wonderful restaurant which had some interesting Lincoln stuff outside.  There were these amazing peacocks...but I'm not sure what they had to do with Lincoln.  We enjoyed them immensely...especially their screech.
Can you guess what everyone is standing in front of?

It was this amazing statue of Abraham Lincoln.  It was massive and reminded DJ of the statue that Nebuchadnezzar had built.  Wow!

The history center was just closing when we arrived, but those wonderful people turned the lights back on, played the 15 minute movie for us and let us walk through their gallery.  They said they felt bad for visitors to drive all that way and miss the visitor center. 

What a restful and fun time together.  We played games, looked at old pictures, shared the news of the coming baby, played with the puppy, learned more about hunting, made cookies together, and loaded back up in our huge white van and headed for home.  That time...we stopped for a hot meal at Perkins. :))


Abbi said...

THat sounds like lots of fun! What memorable ways to learn about Lincoln.

Wayne Cobb said...

It sounds like a wonderful trip!!!
We loved DJ's comment on the statue of Lincoln. It brought back memories of when your dad was building a wood frame (for two swings) in our Yerington backyard. When we asked you (you were 3) to guess what it was, you said a gallows like in the book of Esther. Love, Mom