Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A 1 year old and a policeman

Levi turned 1 just a couple weeks ago. I made a carrot cake (my grandmother's recipe) with whipped cream. My decorating...a bouncy ball and candle. Levi's enthralled with Kent's bouncy ball collection and it certainly was easy!! Anyway, he gobbled it up and had no qualms about digging in! Grandpa Stacy and Grandma Carol, along with my parents, were here.
We had a big garage sale weekend around here. This was our exciting find...a policeman costume for 3 dollars. The next morning DJ called me to his room. I expected him to tell me something like, "Mom, I'm out of socks." Rather, he said, "Can I wear my policeman uniform all day?" And he did! Sorry the picture is blurry. I goofed up something on my camera that day.


Katie said...

Benjamin sure liked the police costume! He wouldn't let me finish reading your post, he kept scrolling back to it.

Melissa said...

Levi did dig right in. He looks so serious Ezra does not like messy hands so he hardly touched his cake. I made Ezra a carrot cake also. How are you feeling and when in Nov. are you due?

Jason said...

Chriiiiisssstttttyyyy! Whats the haps? I heard another is on the way. WOW!!! Was Tom Green wrong to call the girl's dorm a nunnery. All of them are married, but stacygeorge. In fact, Tom is getting married to a Japanese girl in Japan. He is actually moving there if you can believe it. He might already be married. Anyways, cute kids and such. See you on the flip side. BTW- check out my blog and pass it on. Its at