Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Alyssa's Night

She's done! Alyssa finished up her senior year and chose to have a smaller get-together instead of a ceremony. We met at yummy Asian buffet nearby and celebrated with a few friends and family. Mike Smith, one of our elders, and Kent shared thoughts from Scripture.

The girls went out on their bikes earlier in the day and picked wildflowers which Kalai arranged into beautiful bouquets. They also managed to convince me to pick up silly string which they used to "greet" Alyssa back at the house.


BlessedMama said...

What a beautiful family!!!

Have a wonderful summer :-)

Ang said...

What a proud Dad. That must have been a happy sad day. She is the first to leave the nest this fall right?

Abbi said...

Sounds fun. Congratulations to Alyssa!

Esther said...

Yea for Alyssa!!!