Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Outside B'day

My mom and I have birthdays one day apart. We haven't been together for the celebration since I was 18. The night before they returned to Reno, I pulled out my blue and white stuff and silver cups from our wedding (a great find at a thrift store!). Kent is by far the better griller but sometimes I have more time, so I attempted to grill salmon. It was good but I could use a little improvement on the moisture. Anyway, it was a beautiful evening and fun to be together.


Venessa said...

I am a little jealous of your deck and furniture!! ( : Please tell your parents hello from us! Isn't it wonderful to be outdoors! I love this time of year!!

ChristyBC said...

Kent's bros. and parents gave us the patio set as a wedding gift. We love to use it in the evenings and find that everyone sits a bit longer when we're outside.

Esther said...

Wish I we could have stayed longer. It was great to see you all.