Friday, February 22, 2008


I'm learning from my little guy...a little bit about my Heavenly Father. Levi so desperately wants to climb the stairs, pull over lamps, eat non-food items, climb headfirst off the couch. But his mommy almost always manages to put a halt to it! I know it's not good for him and I love him too much to let him seriously hurt himself.
I sometimes inwardly complain or murmur about what I can't do or what circumstance I want to be different and I see myself in Levi's attempts. And I'm thankful for a Father who knows me and sees what is truly best!


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Angie said...

That is some great insight. It's easy to overlook our hevenly Father's love then when you put it in the light so us mothers can imagine how much He loves us through our children's eyes. They can really teach us so much if we just open our eyes can't they?