Sunday, February 17, 2008


My grandpa passed away after Christmas, so the family planned a get-together for this month. All my cousins, uncles, and aunt were able to be there with Grandma for lots of talking, remembering Grandpa, and a few fun outings. What a wonderful reprieve from the below zero temps. in Minnesota. Levi went with me, and he was visibly excited to breathe the warm air and feel the sunshine! These oranges were in someone's yard across from the church building. Yum!!
My sister and mom and dad were there too. (sorry, I forgot to flip this one)
Grandma holds Levi the day we leave.

Two of a kind...crazy uncle, crazy niece.


Melissa said...

It looks like you had o fun time with your family. Those oranges look great

Esther said...

Great pictures. You'll have to e-mail me the others you took.

Katie said...

This has got to be your mom's brother?

Betsy Cradic said...

Love the photo of the oranges!