Friday, January 20, 2012

Thoughts on movies and media

I came across this blog post today
and felt like it was very thought-provoking concerning the misuse of God's name  in our current movies, music, games, and literature.  While I think all followers of Christ do or should agree that personal use of God's name in vain is wrong, there is a lot of conflict of opinion on whether it's "okay" to watch a movie that misuses His name.  I personally cringe at the thought because I really feel like I'm dishonoring my Lord when I choose to watch something that misuses His name.  Just as we make choices to honor our mates, our entertainment choices reflect the honor we give to God and His ways and desires.  When we marry our mate, we give up all attachments to others and by all we do and say show that we have committed our lives to this one person.  Doesn't God deserve this even more!?  Why would I tolerate, excuse, or put up with something that directly dishonors Him? 

I don't want to be misunderstood here though.  Entertainment is something entirely different than our normal every day lives as we go about in the world.  We can't escape corruption or profanity completely.  We really shouldn't even try to escape it completely.  To do so would to be to cut ourselves off from the world, and then we would have no chance to shine as lights.  But entertainment is entirely a pleasure and a choice.  Does it reflect the honor due our Lord?  Anyway, I did appreciate the thoughts of Bob's blog post.

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