Sunday, April 24, 2011

Special Lady

DJ, Levi, Kade, and Cody with Grandma Alice.
(Kalai and Malia had already left for a class)

Living in the Twin Cities has its perks, the close proximity of the airport being one of them!  For the second time, Alice has had a chance to pay us an unexpected visit due to a layover in Minneapolis.  She volunteered to give up her seat in return for a nice voucher to be used in the future.  A couple weeks ago, she was able to spend afternoon and dinner with us.  What a pleasant surprise!  This special lady is grandmother to our children, mother-in-law to Kent, and gift from God to me.  She is the mother of Susan, Kent's first wife.  She exemplifies a woman who loves and fears the Lord, "her children rise up and bless her."  She has encouraged me, welcomed me, inspired me, and even gently corrected me. God's family is amazing!

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