Thursday, April 7, 2011

Black Belts They Are

Kalai and Malia passed their black belt testing a couple weeks ago.  I think I'd like to have one on either side of me wherever we go. :) They've worked very hard to get to this place.  Even though I'm personally no expert on Tae Kwon Do, having never even participated in one class, I've managed to learn some through their talks around the house.  Their instructors have the highest standards and expectations which has been good for the girls.  They've also become strong physically and have learned the value of exercise and keeping in shape.  And for the most part, they're still gentle and sweet, not running around looking to beat anyone up!  I feel like that a good attitude is emphasized at this school, and I'm glad our girls have had the chance to develop skills and build self-discipline. 

I've learned that I'm a silly emotional crier at these things.  I get all choked up when they go to break a board.  Very silly.  And I laugh at it.  So do the girls.  But I can't help it.


IntotheGrey said...
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Esther said...

I'm so proud of my nieces. Way to go girls!