Monday, April 11, 2011

Cody - 8 months

I'm 8 months old and I....

  • tried out the infant swing for the first time...loved it!
  • am gradually adding solid foods like sweet potato, rice cereal, avocado, and banana
  • am scooting forward and almost ready to actually crawl
  • know that there's food under the table after dinner for me to pick up
  • put everything in my mouth...every piece of fuzz, every staple, every tiny Lego, stickers, etc.
  • am learning to sleep on my own (and it's probably more difficult for mom and dad than for me!)
  • often pat mommy on the shoulders when she picks me up because I'm so delighted
  • would rather play with a phone than any other toy you might place in front of me


Anne said...

I wish I would have written down more little things during the infant/ toddler stages. Those little pieces of who they are just warm a mama's heart!

Tracy said...

David loves the phones too!

Esther said...

I don't like that I'm missing all this because we live so far away. :-(