Monday, March 14, 2011

The Firefighters Hall and Museum

This museum is located in Minneapolis, open to the public on Saturdays.  We took DJ's friends here on his birthday.  If we had come during April through October, we could have had a ride around the neighborhood in a vintage firetruck.  While this place is truly a museum, showing beautifully restored vintage firetrucks and other related items, it also has plenty of hands-on activities to keep younger visitors interested for a good hour or more!

A guest gets to pull an old-fashioned fire alarm

One fire engine is completely open for children (and adults) to climb on and explore.  The wipers and several sets of lights kept this boy busy for quite some time.

A wall of firemen gear for trying on!

Kade took this seriously.  He insisted he needed to walk in these over to the fire truck and climb in. 

A large car/train table for the little ones.

At the "fire station" this table is loaded with books to browse through...all about fire, firemen, and fire trucks.

The museum has expanded to include a room for police.

A firemen's pole to slide down was another fun activity here.  The website has interesting descriptions of this place and tells the stories behind many of the engines (if you're interested in that sort of thing).  Also, the library has museum passes available, allowing two free admissions per group.  That was a nice plus!


Corene said...

we'll have to check it out, sometime! Jack is really into fire stations right now

Shannon said...

That is really cool! We'll have to check it out.

Abbi said...

That looks like fun!